Lough Glore

Photo of Lough Glore

Further Information

Lough Glore lies to the left of the Castlepollard-Oldcastle road, 2.5 miles (4km) from Castlepollard. There is good access to it from the eastern side and a jetty where the boats are moored. It covers an area of 86 acres (35 hectares). It is a shallow lough and tends to weed up quite badly from mid summer. The banks are soft with high reeds and it is not possible to fish from the shore.

Lough Glore holds an excellent stock of wild brown trout with a high average size of over 2lbs (1kg). It produces trout from 5lbs(2kg) to 7lbs (3kg) every season. A nine pounder has been recorded on the lake. The water is crystal clear and the trout are wild in the extreme and difficult to catch because of this. The important fly hatches are lake olives in April, chironomids in May – June. Later in the year about mid to the end of July sedge fishing is very productive, including the green peter. Wet fly fishing gives best results in April and again in September.

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